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How to overcome lack of toilet paper with technology

500x twitter toilet
500x twitter toilet

Last week, a Japanese DJ lived through an event that gives hope to us all. He proved that the age-old terror of finding no loo paper in a public toilet can be thwarted in our new hyper-connected age.

DJ Kacho was shopping in Tokyo’s gadget district, Akihabara, when he popped into a large electronics store to use the facilities. Upon…well, you know…he turned his attention to the roll of toilet paper, only to find that there was none left.

(Personally, we never engage in public toilet interface without first checking the paper situation, but hey.)

So what did he do? He turned to Twitter. The tweet “Urgent request, toilet paper in Akihabara Yodobashi Camera 3rd floor men’s restroom” was sent into the ether.

Within twenty minutes, paper was delivered to DJ Kacho and a day-ruining experience became a lesson for us all. So next time someone sniffily asks “What’s the point of Twitter?”, you now have a ready-made answer.

Link: Kotaku