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Review: XtremeMac Luna Voyager

luna voyager
luna voyager

If you sicken at the sound of breakfast radio DJs then XtremeMac has a new iPod dock that will wake you up with your own sounds.

The XtremeMac’s Luna Voyager looks a lot like your average bedside alarm clock. Except that it will only play your iPod and has no in-built FM radio (or any radio for that matter).

What marks it out as a little different is some of the styling details. The outside is covered in rubber with a matt finish. The main display is vibrant and blue. It is about the size of a novel and could be easily transported in luggage to take on holiday.

Installation was easy – plug it into the mains, pop in an iPod or iPhone, the clock syncs with the time on your media player  – and you are away.

You can set it to play from a particular playlist. You name it “Luna” in iTunes, sync it with the iPod and the player will play from that list. So you can recreate that scene from “Groundhog Day” and listen to Sonny and Cher every day.

Sound is, despite its small statute, pretty good and the side speakers sound great in stereo. However the sound can be wanting in places, especially when the track has loud wiht many instruments.

At £79.95, some would baulk at the price, but for your businessperson travellin, it will lighten up those miserable nights in a hotel away from home.

Rating: 7.5/10