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Ninitendo DS – Best selling console ever

nintendo dsi open
nintendo dsi open

nintendo_dsi_openThe humble little Nintendo DS has finally overtaken the gaming juggernaut that was the Sony PS2 to become the UK’s biggest selling games console of all time, according to new figures.

The stats from Gfk Chart-Track showed that the handheld had finally moved passed the Sony console. It has sold 10.05 million units in the UK since launch, compared to the PlayStation 2 which sold 10.02 million. The figures mean that one in six people in Britain now has a console.

Of course the DS, as well as the DSi and DSi XL are still selling well. Worldwide, the console as punted 113 million devices.

This is compared with Sony’s portable effort, the PSP, which has only managed to sell 3.2 million units. Britons have purchased around 2.5 million PS3s, 3.9 million Xbox 360s and 6 million Wiis to date.