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PSP Go price cuts are go!

psp go
psp go

psp_goYou just have to ask yourself how much of a threat the iPhone and Nintendo DS are if retailers are discounting the price of the new PSP Go so soon after launch.

The handheld console has been out less than a week and already some retailers have cut the price in order to shift stock.

The likes of Play.com, HMV, Amazon and Game have taken up to 11 per cent off the price. Originally the Go costs £225 but in some places is down to £199.

While the PSP Go has always had tough competition from Nintendo and its DS and latterly the DS Lite, it has faced competition from the iPhone and the iPod Touch which offer gamers an innovative approach to gaming using that devices accelerometer.

Despite the cut, it still works out more than the DSi (£139.99) and the 8GB version of the Touch (£149.99).

Like the Touch, content is downloaded from T’internet. Of course, it is not always easy to get online if you are young, skint and in want of a wireless connection on the go.