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PSP gets its own app store

psp go
psp go

psp_go.jpgRumours that Sony would square off against Apple’s App Store have proved to be true – the PSP and shiny new PSP Go will be receiving their own bite-sized bits and bobs imminently.

Zeno Colaço, head of developer relations at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), has been chatting to website Develop about a new section of the PS Store that will have “snackable” games and applications.

“We’re introducing new initiatives for the PSP which take it beyond traditional gaming, but still includes elements from gaming, and also includes new developers,” said Colaço, indicating that over 50 studios are already beavering away on games and doodads.

The games will be as small as 20MB, Colaço claimed.

“It is still a professional environment, you still need a development kit and you still need to have investment and a team,” he added.

“But it can be a small team. We don’t see any of the restrictions on the disc-based space being in this space.”

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