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First Look Review: ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 Pro

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There are many ways to convert you MS Office document to a PDF. If you have OpenOffice, for example that functionality is built-in. However, these kinds of solutions are often limited and don’t have the kind of widespread functionality that is needed today. ABBYY‘s PDF Transformer 3.0 Pro attempts to give you better functionality without having to go for the more expensive route of buying the full Adobe Acrobat package.

The application comes in three components. The components can be accessed individually depending on the task at hand. At its most basic, you can create PDFs from a wide range of office documents as well as HTML and text files.

The PDFs can also be compressed to a smaller size so you won’t email large attachments to your branch office and exceed your email quota. The software is compatible with the PDF/A format, which makes it better for indexing and archiving.

Password security can also be integrated for secure opening/editing/printing of files. Bates stamping puts markers on documents for identification.

There is also a “convert PDF” option to convert and edit files. This can also take out images and redact text for security purposes. The software is also able to make a screengrab and send that Word, Excel, file, email or clipboard. The software can also handle live hyperlinks with ease.

The software is highly usable from the start and easy enough for most users to come up to speed quickly. It can also handle the latest PDF standards well as well as other formats.

While other rival applications can be cheaper than ABBYY it is faster and has more compatibility options than others on the market. So, the user has to figure out if the extras that come with the package are worth paying for.