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Sennheiser pumps out iPhone headset

iphone sennheiser mm50ip
iphone sennheiser mm50ip

Sennheiser M 50 iP headset plugged into an Apple iPhoneApple. Great music kit, crap headphones. Still, if that iPhone’s in need of an upgrade you could do worse than seek out Sennheiser’s latest addition.

According to Sennheiser, its MM 50 iP product is the “first high-quality music headset for the iPhone”, upgrading music quality as well as taking and making phone calls.

“The MM 50 iP is a Stereo Music Headset for the Apple iPhone that adds communication capability to top of the class sound and is a major quality upgrade to the supplied Apple headset,” a higher quality Sennheiser statement said.

Features of the MM 50 iP include:
* In-ear capsules from the Sennheiser CX Hi-fi range
* A quality microphone from the professional mic maker
* Control button for calls and iPod
* Simple clean styling and high-quality materials
* Sensible pricing at just £50.

“Before you ask, this should 100 per cent match the 3G iPhone, the iPhone Nano and the nuclear powered iPhones too (-:” said a PR person getting a bit ahead of themselves.

The MM 50 iP employs an “advanced, miniaturised driver” that is tailored by Sennheiser for “smooth, acoustically correct” in-ear operation.

“This provides the MM 50 with an extended response of 18Hz-22kHz for satisfying musical detail and impressive yet well-defined bass,” a Sennheiser bod said.

The headset comes with three different sizes of ear adapters for a better fit, allowing high isolation against environmental and ambient noise.


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