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PAYG iPhone customers will have to wait

apple iphone2
apple iphone2

apple_iphone2.jpgThose of you that don’t like to be locked into long-term mobile phone contracts may have to wait a little longer for the iPhone
than first thought. Mobile phone operator O2 has updated its iPhone
PAYG section of its website telling prospective customers that this
option will be available "later this year".

media commentators and experts have pointed to the lack of a
pay-as-you-go option as one factor in the less-than-overwhelming
success of the original iPhone.

The PAYG option was originally pencilled in for 11 July, A spokesperson for O2 said that there was no firm release date for this option at the present time.

The website also let slip tariff details before being withdrawn. O2’s
UK customers will be offered four monthly plans with prices ranging
from £30 to £75 a month for the 8GB and 16GB models. £30 per month gets
you 75 minutes of voice minutes, 125 texts and unlimited WiFi and data.
All contracts are for 18 months.

As usual with O2 you can get "bolt-ons" that allow you to customise the
tariff. These include unlimited texts, unlimited O2 to O2 calls,
unlimited weekend calls and unlimited landline calls.

The iPhone (with a normal tariff) goes on sale this Friday. Watch Absolute Gadget for a first look at the new 3G iPhone.

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