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GyPSii roams onto the iPhone

apple iphone o2
apple iphone o2

Apple iPhoneLiving up to its name, GyPsii’s social networking software roams where it pleases. And the latest place it has hitched its wagon is on the Apple iPhone.

The company said its new web-based GyPSii iPhone application integrates its multiple services into a single interface.

That makes it “easy for users to enjoy a wide range of new and exciting location-based features and services, along with social networking – all using the fluid, intuitive touch-screen user interface of the iPhone.” 

GyPSii also confirmed that it is working on a "native" version of its
application using Apple’s Software Developer Kit (SDK) – which is launched later this week.

The native version will also offer seamless access from the Apple computer desktop to the iPhone.

GyPSii CEO, Dan Harple, said the company had launched the web-based version so that iPhone users didn’t have to wait to access services from their handset.

"We’ll work with the SDK as soon as it becomes available and then we will be uniquely offering both web and native versions of our application for iPhone users.” Harple said.

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The new GyPSii for iPhone includes features such as:
* Improved user interface: The application provides users a desk-top-like web experience that is easier to activate, navigate and use via Apple’s intuitive touch-screen.
* Expanded People/Places layout: GyPSii users can have easy access to complete information on their favourite people and places that appear on the iPhone. Users simply choose their favourite People or Places, bringing up all relevant information such as proximity, details and their position on a map, all on one continuous screen. Users can also access one click dialling to phone People and Places.
* Integrated directions from the mapping interface. Users can
navigate to and from their favourite People and Places.
* Improved location based search: Users can search by proximity
using new easy to use categories for both People and Places.
* Seamless user interface menus which take advantage of the iPhone’s progressive touch-screen interface.

GyPSii is available now for iPhone users from the company’s website.

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