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Nivio touts tiny computer


niviocompanion.jpgNivio wants to give you next-generation computing at a fraction of the price. How else to describe the £99 computing device – the nivioCompanion. The device is so cheap because all the big stuff is accessed over the internet, using the Windows-based Online Desktop.

The £99 isn’t the end of your costs though, as access to the 10GB virtual hard drive costs £5 a month.

However, that means users can rent standard Windows applications like Microsoft Word or Powerpoint, for a monthly fee.

All files are stored online so nivio can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection – users simply go to their personal site http://myusername.live.nivio.com and login!

Files are automatically backed-up daily and kept safe and private just like an online vault, protecting users from viruses and spam.

Users can also purchase more online storage if they find themselves running out of space.

The device can be pre-ordered now with a £10 deposit, with 10,000 units available.

The nivioCompanion costs £99 and comes with a mouse and keyboard, while a package with an LCD monitor will be available for £159.


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