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eBay helps with Jackson ticket refunds

michael jackson death spam
michael jackson death spam

michael_jackson_death_spam.jpgAuction website eBay has promised to help buyers recover the money they spent on tickets for Michael Jackson’s concerts, following the singer’s death. “The sad news of Michael Jackson’s death has left fans of the King of Pop bereft,” an official statement said.

eBay is committed to ensuring that no buyer is left out of pocket as a result of the unique nature of the event, and will ensure all buyers on the site can receive a full refund for their ticket purchase.”

The auction site said that final details of how buyers and sellers can work with eBay and PayPal will be announced early next week.

However, eBay said the coverage normally provided by itself and Paypal would be applied to the tickets.

“eBay and PayPal is extending its Buyer Protection to all Michael Jackson concert ticket purchases bought on eBay,” the official statement continued.

“The company will also help sellers by refunding eBay’s sales commission when they refund buyers for Michael Jackson ticket sales.”

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