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Plug computing hits Europe

marvell plug computing logo
marvell plug computing logo

marvell_plug_computing_logo.jpgMarvell supplies chips for mobile phones and makes more than half of the microprocessors that go into hard disk drives and supplies. And rather than take a break and kick back for a while (like we’d do), it’s now bringing a new industry to Europe – Plug Computing.

A Plug Computer is small enough to plug directly into a wall socket and is designed to draw so little power (one-tenth of a desktop PC) that it can be left on all of the time.

Marvell hopes developers will use the SheevaPlug Development system it released in Europe today to adopt the plug concept and develop products ranging from file sharing to online back-up, from in-home media management to internet TV series kit. 

The system is based on an open-source Linux platform and Marvell is already using it to work with retail vendors such as Buffalo, D-Link, LaCie and Seagate, who plan to launch retail versions of the plug computer for the consumer market.

“The Plug Computer is one of the more amazing technologies that have come out this decade and it has the potential to change the world," said Rob Enderle, principal analyst for the Enderle Group.

“The open plug platform gives European developers the opportunity to create applications, services, and solutions that are only limited by their imaginations.”