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Intel and Nokia join forces

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intel_nokia_logo.jpgIntel and Nokia have teamed up to create a “new exciting industry” that will, the companies say, “go beyond today’s smartphones and notebooks and netbooks.”

Intel has been eyeing the smartphone market for a while, and Nokia wants to get back to its position as undisputed world leader of phones. Together, they plan to deliver only the fanciest new mobile computing gadgets, although both say that it’s too early to talk about specific products yet.

“This collaboration will drive exciting new revenue opportunities for both companies and shape the next era of mobile computing,” said Anand Chandrasekher, Intel’s senior vice president of its ultra-mobility group.

“It will be compelling not only for our companies, but also for our industries, our partners and, of course, for customers,” added Kai Oistamo, Nokia’s executive VP for devices.

The partnership will centre on open-source mobile Linux software projects, such as the Moblin platform for Atom-based processors and the Maemo operating system, which was developed by Nokia.

“We will explore new ideas in designs, materials and displays that will go far beyond devices and services on the market today,” said Oistamo.

“The future is truly exciting and there is a lot of room here to redefine what mobile is and what it can do as we create this brave new world.”