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Print from your iPhone or iPod Touch

ActivePrint Print iPhone iPod Touch Pocket Watch Software

ActivePrint Print iPhone iPod Touch Pocket Watch SoftwareMost of us who use mobile phones take photos at some point using the device’s built in camera. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily have that photo printed? All of those who said “No” go and stand in the corner…

With the ActivePrint Traveler app you simply choose the ‘Photo from Album’ option to see a list of the photos currently stored on your iPhone.

Select a photo and then tell ActivePrint Traveler if you want multiple copies, or if you want it to print in portrait or landscape mode.

Send it and your photo is then “safely and securely” sent to the company’s server where it waits in your free account.

Later that day you return to your home, your office and run the ActivePrint Traveler Helper Application on a desktop or laptop with a connected printer.

The program then automatically downloads and prints your photo from your account.

“And you’re not limited to just photos,” says a Pocket Watch Software spokesman.

“You can print contacts from your address book, office documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc, Adobe Acrobat PDF files, appointments from you calendar, web pages, and more.”

And the spokesman says the easy-to-use system means there are no IP addresses or port numbers to juggle, just your email address and a password to enter.

ActivePrint Traveler for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touchis available now from the Apple iTunes App Store for just $3.99.



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