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Bag yourself a cheap Xbox 360

xbox 360 elite
xbox 360 elite

xbox_360_elite.jpgWith the Xbox 360 Arcade bundle now priced at just under £130,
you might be thinking about picking up one of Microsoft’s
consoles as a Christmas gift this year. However, if you’re
worried about units flying off store shelves before you get one, a
new website has arrived to ease your Yuletide anxiety.

Xbox360StockTracker.co.uk is a search service designed to help users
find the cheapest available Xbox 360 options online. It updates every
60 seconds and alerts users to real-time stock availability data.

Creator Chantal Matar said: "Buying a gaming console is a big
purchase for many families, they represent a major gift at Christmas
time; and I want to provide an easy to use, informative service which
goes above and beyond other stock locator sites."

Features included with the stock search service include automatic
pop-up, audio and email subscriber alerts which instantly inform
users when a console has been found.

Matar said the site allows users to make informed decisions; helping
newcomers to understand the difference between the different Xbox 360
packages, rather than providing a series of uninformative links.

The site is the latest in a series of console locator services
created by Matar. In October, WiiFitFrenzy.co.uk was launched to cope
with surging demand for the elusive Nintendo Wii accessory.