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GTA IV DLC oddly available in shops

gta iv niko phone
gta iv niko phone

gta_iv_niko_phone.jpgSome would say that the only
way to get the upcoming GTA IV expansion pack, The Lost and Damned,
would be to head over the Xbox 360 Live Marketplace and purchase said
downloadable content. But a quick peek on US games retailer GameStop reveals that the game is available to buy in normal shops.

rather than selling you a disc update, all the purchase gets you is a
code with which to use at Microsoft’s gamer network. So it looks like
you have added one more unnecessary step instead of buying it directly.
And yes you will still need to have Live membership.

So rather
than providing a disc for those with slow internet connections who
don’t want to spend ages on a sizeable download (see our how to guide onconnecting an Xbox to mobile broadband), users will still have to access the content online.

That said, the expansion pack will allow for up to 32 players in
multiplayer mode. Those modes being Deathmatch, GTA Race and Free.

The PC version of the game is scheduled to go on sale on 3 December. it
will offer an array of enhancements over the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions,
such as enhanced graphics, traffic density options, improved draw
distance and
a new replay editor that will allow players to upload video to
Rockstar’s Social Club website.

The DLC is cheduled for release on February 17, 2009.

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