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New Xbox 360 mobo spotted in wild

xbox 360 elite
xbox 360 elite

xbox_360_elite.jpgNow none too many people give a damn about what’s inside an Xbox 360,
but the latest version gives owners of the Arcade version of the
Microsoft console hope that they can upgrade their consoles to the new
NXE update (see our NXE tips and tricks feature)

According to Xbox-Scene fanzine blog,
the new "Jasper" motherboard sports a new 65nm processor on-board which
should see lower operating temperatures and power consumption (and less
Xbox 360’s turning into bricks with the infamous red ring of death).

The consoles also feature a new 150W power supply unit, instead of the
original 203W unit. This should also mean that the new consoles will
not sound like a plane on take-off when powered up and this is a good
thing since Microsoft is punting movie downloads on the console.

The motherboard also has 256MB of internal memory, this should mean
that Arcade versions with the new motherboard can update to the NXE
dashboard without the need of fitting a new hard drive.