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This gadget-friendly outfit is to kilt for


Looking for something to wear that can hold all your gadgets when out
and about can be a pain. Sure you can put them in a bag – but if you
are looking for something a bit more manly then this kilt from Sweden
may just be the thing for you (and you don’t have to paint your face blue either!) 

This workmen’s kilt from Swedish industrial clothing company Blaklader
has two reinforced free nail pockets which can be placed inside the
front pockets with bellows, two back pockets with bellows, a hammer
loop and a reinforced rule pocket with a penpocket and knife-holder.


But we reckon that all those pockets could easily fit a mobile or two,
an iPod, a PSP and Nintendo DS and a PDA and still have room for a
wallet and keys.

Jeff Adams, managing director of Blaklader Workwear UK told the Times: "Because they are 100 per cent cotton they are very warm
in winter. But they are also cool in the summer and provide a natural

Of course if you have all that consumer electronics in those pockets a breeze will definitely be needed.

The kilt costs around £50 and can be found here, here, here and here (US). And if you really want to stand outtry this!