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Review: LG Flatron M228WD multi-function monitor


Why no
one has ever thought to make a PC monitor that doubles as a TV set
before we don’t know – what we do know is that LG has a PC monitor that
doubles as a digital TV – but does it deliver on both counts?

LG Flatron PC monitor is a 22-inch monitor is part high-resolution
monitor and part HD ready digital TV. Not only that it’s only £190 –
cheap as chips really. It measures 525.4mm(W) x 230mm(D) x 439mm(H) and
comes with a basic stand.

The monitor itself is just about as stylish as other LG TV sets we reviewed – basically it will grace your office with a certain amount of panache.

said earlier, it is a digital TV so it will pick up all the Freeview
channels no problem. It also does analogue as well – not that you will
need that much longer. The TV picture on digital is ok-ish, it does
show up the limitations of some Freeview channels, especially the ones
with lower bitrates. The sound, it must be said, was passable to our

Where the monitor really shines is as a PC monitor (surprise,
surprise!) . It displays resolutions of up to 1680 x 1050 and has a 170
degree viewing angle. 
It also has a Digital Fine Contrast ratio of 3000:1 and a response time
of 5m/s (whatever that means in practice I don’t really know!). The
picture with our Windows test set up was good and with a decent video
card, the monitor really shines.

Aropund the back it sports an HDMI input, D-Sub, PC Audio Input,
RS232C, Component, SCART, plus audio in and out, but there is no
composite or S-Video sockets, which may put off you camcorder

Overall, the unit works extremely well as a PC monitor and looks
fantastic.However, you may be disappointed if you was also expecting a
great telly too! But as these can be picked up dirt cheap, you are not
going to be conned out of your money if you buy it.

Rating: 7/10