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Eco-friendly toy car runs on water


corgi.jpgBy rights, seeing as this is
2008, we should all be eating pills for dinner and driving around
hydrogen cars. Well we ain’t driving those cars but at least our kids
can play with a scale model

Called the H2GO, the car comes from
Corgi (known to generations of kids the world over for toy cars). The
toy not only keeps the kids amused for hours but emits zero emissions. Power for the H2GO is delivered by an on-board hydrogen
fuel cell, where sun and water supply the fuelling unit with renewable, clean
energy for unlimited play.

The first of a new range of toys to be launched under the brand name
H2GO, the futuristic car was designed by Professor Luigi
Colani. The car has an aerodynamic design and is made using
lightweight environmentally-friendly wheat based plastics.

The H2GO is the result of a joint development between Corgi
International and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, which unsurprisingly develops fuel
cells. Both companies aim to develop and produce a
range of new toys using hydrogen fuel cells.

Michael Cookson, CEO of Corgi International said: "Today marks a new
chapter in the global toy market. The H2GO is not only a fascinating
miniature-scale, real-working fuel cell powered RC toy that can be refueled
using plain water, but marks a change in how the toy industry will need to
transform and adapt to a clean energy future."

"Discovering fuel cell technology and being able to fill
the car’s refuelling station just with water is an important part of the play
experience," he added.