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Mac OS X Leopard could be the end of PowerPC Macs


apple_boot_camp.jpgThinking of buying the latest version of Apple's Mac OS X? Have a Power PC over
four years old? Well, according to media reports you might as well go out and
buy a new Mac, as an 800MHz machine won't cut the mustard with the latest
whizz-bang OS!

Reports from AppleInsider tell of the minimum hardware spec of the new Leopard
10.5 OS being "an Intel processor or a PowerPC G4, 867 MHz or faster, or G5
processor" – so get ready to ditch your 800MHz PowerBook G4, Titanium, 800MHz
PowerMac G4, 800MHz iMac G4, 800MHz iBook G4, and 800MHz eMac.

The publication said that a Leopard install on a 800MHz PowerPC G4 systems ran
"too slow" and so any attempt to install comes up with a message "cannot be
installed" on the machine. Other requirements for the OS include a DVD drive,
built-in FireWire, at least 512MB of RAM and at least 9GB of hard disk space.
Other rumours have version 10.6 (no word on the codename – we'd like it to be
called Ocelot!) of the OS ditching PowerPC entirely leaving only Intel-based
Macs capable of upgrading.

We'll have to see how things pan out, rumours like these have a habit of coming
true! More

As it is, Apple released
three updates of Mac OS
X 10.5 Leopard
operating system just a few hours apart on Friday, this could
mean that development could be drawing to a close and the code is ready for prime-time.