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PSP 2 rumours a lie says Sony


Fake PSP2 imagesBefore the unveiling of Apple’s iPhone, gadget hacks everywhere were salivating in anticipation of what it would eventually look like. Very soon mock ups surfaced on the net – most of which were not even close as it turned out. The same thing is now happening with the alleged Sony PSP2.

Despite images that supposedly show the new PSP, Sony today insisted there is no PSP2.

Shots of the non-existent PSP version 2 had many gamers hoping divine intervention would prevent Sony from releasing it. Now it seems those gamers’ prayers were answered. 

Being said to feature an all metal casing with rubberized grips and a screen promising to be a whole retina-scorching 200 per cent brighter, it seemed like the supposed design team took tips from the development of the latest iPod nano. Brighter screen: tick; metal casing: tick.

Whoever came up with the fake images gave the Sony design team little credit.

The hand-aching dimensions were joined by two analog sticks reminiscent of the Playstation’s dual shock controller, with the left stick swapping places with the D-pad from the original PSP.

With a handheld console designed this badly, we’re just surprised it was taken as seriously as it was.