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Saab unveils BioPower 100 Concept car


saab-biopower-100.jpgDespite our heavy carbon footprint, we do try to do our bit for the
environment so it is great to see one of our favourite motor
manufacturers don the lentil sandals and produce a "green",
environmentally-friendly car. Swedish car maker Saab is to preview its
latest bio-ethanol powered concept car, called Biopower 100, at next
month's Geneva motor show.

The estate (station wagon to our American friends) capable of
developing 300bhp and 295lb-ft from its E100 (100 per cent ethanol) compatible
turbocharged 2.0-litre engine. This has been possible through
modifications to the engine management system and internal components,
allowing the use of greater boost pressure with a raised compression

The engine is fitted inside the re-modelled 9-5 estate
and go from zero to 60 in 6.6 seconds. It has also been given a
makeover with a few styling modifications to show off its speed and

GM Powertrain cheif executive Kjell ac Bergstrom
told us that Bio-ethanol is a potent, high-quality fuel which "opens up
exciting possibilities in helping to meet the environmental challenges
that face us."

"We are exploring ways to run smaller engines
that give relatively high power, with and without hybrid technology.
This concept car shows that bioethanol can play a key role in this
"right-sizing" process, while also minimizing fossil fuel emissions."

And because it is an estate car, there should be enough room to fit in a wind farm, a solar array and a hippy commune. Great for saving the planet!