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HONOR Watch GS3 review

honor watch gs3 classic 1
honor watch gs3 classic 1

This is quite possibly, Honor’s most premium watch to date. The Honor Watch GS3 costs around £210 so while it isn’t in Apple Watch territory, it isn’t one of those cheapos from eBay.

Out of the box, it has a 1.43-inch AMOLED display, health and fitness tracking as well as 4GB of onboard storage alongside a microphone and speaker which means hands-free calls and local media playback are possible. This Honor Gs3 smartwatch comes in a circular shape that looks sporty, and stylish, and fits men and women. However, it weighs just 44 grams, so feels light on your wrist and is wearable for extended periods.

here is an overview of the features:
– more than 100 sports modes (with interface customization)
– training history
– fatigue level calculation (based on exercises)
– call log
– contacts (to be added from the application, no automatic synchronization with the phone)
– music player with some local files that output the sound on the watch and this sound is not bad for a watch
– sleep measurement
– blood oxygen level measurement
– stress measurement
– breathing exercise
– weather
– alarm
– stopwatch
– timer
– compass
– lamp – torch
– find your phone

The Honor Watch GS3 comes with a very advanced heart rate measurement. The innovative 8-channel heart rate AI engine is equipped with an 8-channel PPG heart rate monitoring module (PPG is like an ECG, it is measured here with light and not electricity).

Heart rate AI fusion technology, 8-channel data acquisition, 4-channel data processing and AI algorithm fusion can capture the user’s heart rate signal faster and more accurately. The rate-tracking algorithm and AI heart rate algorithm are integrated with dual algorithms.

The dual motors simultaneously calculate the exact heart rate. It has a lot of health and fitness features, which is great. There are over 100 workout courses, for example, the wearer can choose from 13 running courses and 12 fitness courses.

To take full advantage of the features of the watch, you must download the Honor Health application from the Play Store. The application is free and does not require the installation of additional applications as it was before. The setup procedure is very easy and similar to other apps I’m used to testing.

The Honor Watch GS 3 comes in 3 colour schemes: “Global Voyage”, “Streamer Classic” and “Racing Pioneer”, which correspond to three different watch styles. It also sports GPS and a strong battery that lasts 14 days should also be on board.

The Honor Watch GS3 is a mid-range watch that is positioned as a credible alternative to Samsung or Amazfit in this price segment. You can’t install an app or respond to messages, but that’s all it needs to compete with high-end watches. This watch has a very neat design which deviates a little from the plastic models which invaded the entry-level and the screen alone allows the watch to stand out because, with its superb contrast, the effect of depth in the dial is more realistic.