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The best sizes for a gaming monitor

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fortnite ga25475858 1920

It is quite a complicated task trying to pick a monitor size that is perfect for gaming because a lot of factors to into this decision. Some of these factors are buyer preference and intended use.

The main factor that should be considered is the intended use of the monitor. For gamers as a whole, the performance and features of a monitor must be able to shoulder the graphics requirements. As for professional gamers, they require very fast monitors (and they usually compromise on resolution for that speed). As for gamers who spend most of their time on the move, they will need monitors that are portable (with built-in batteries if possible).

All these are factors that should be noted when making a choice. With all this in mind, here are the best gaming monitor sizes for different gaming resolutions. Be sure to also consider other personal factors so you can choose the most ideal monitor for your needs.

1080p gaming

These days, it is preferable that you don’t get a monitor that is smaller than 24 inches (with 1920×1080 resolution). Fortunately, monitors of this size are affordable. The maximum HD resolution on this monitor is a pixel density reaching approximately 91 PPI — a decent result.

Even though you may want to buy a 27-inch and 1080p monitor because it’s larger and a little more expensive than a 24-inch monitor, it isn’t a good idea. This is because a 27-inch monitor is too big to handle a 1929×1080 resolution. With this, you’ll get only 81 PPI and it will make the resolution kind of pixelated. Texts will also look smudgy. If you plan on sitting far from the monitor, this drawback might not be as noticeable, but it will be noticeable when you want to type or read something.

1440p gaming

With this size, you will get 108 PPI — a perfect spot in the middle of picture clarity and screen real estate. There also won’t be any need for scaling. In addition to this, 1440p 144hz gaming monitors allow higher refresh rates when compared to 4k. This, however, depends on the capability of your PC.

There are lots of 32-inch 1440p gaming monitors on the market. With this size, you will get very similar picture clarity to a 24-inch 1080p monitor. However, 32-inch monitors are quite big and you might need to continually move your head — which isn’t ideal.

4k gaming

As for 4k ultra HD resolution, a lot of people are of the opinion that a 28-inch or 27-inch monitor is big enough to handle this resolution. Due to the resolution being very high, the details on a monitor of this size will be small — meaning that the interface will need to be scaled to make text readable.

Unfortunately, there are applications that don’t even scale. This will adversely affect the gaming experience. Games that don’t provide custom scaling end up with tiny UI elements. If you plan on getting a 4k monitor, ensure that you do your due diligence and check that the games you intend to play will scale well.