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Apple working on Pro Display XDR monitor with A13 chipset

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Apple is developing a new Pro Display XDR external monitor, reports Apple watcher 9to5Mac. The latest external monitor would be equipped with a dedicated A13 chipset and a neural engine.

According to the Apple news website, the high-end external monitor in development, codenamed J327, should get a lot of new functionality. Among other things, the monitor will soon have its own A13 Bionic System-on-Chip (SoC) on board. The A13 SoC is the same that now has the iPhone 11 series onboard.


With a built-in CPU/GPU, the monitor will soon enable Mac computers and laptops to display more high-res graphics via the monitor. These high-res graphics can then utilize all the resources of the built-in processor in the computers or laptops.

The power of the SoC in the computer can also be combined with that of the monitor under development. This allows very intensive graphical tasks to be performed. The SoC can also provide ‘smarter’ functionality to the monitor.

The also added neural engine should include machine learning-based tasks to the monitor.

New generation coming

According to 9to5Mac, the rumors surrounding the new monitor indicate that the current top model Pro Display XDR, launched in 2019, is due for a new generation. When the new monitor will hit the market and at what price and with what new functionality is unknown.