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Top 3 Poker Apps to Play Texas Hold’em In

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Or maybe you’d like an alternative to playing poker on your web browser. Whatever the case, you’ll be happy to know that there are great apps you can download so you can play on the go whenever you want.

Among the different kinds of poker, Texas Hold’em is the most popular as it is very accessible to play both online and physically at a table. It’s also a good place to start for anyone who wants to get into poker. So to help you choose the best app for Texas Hold’em poker, here are a few suggestions:

WSOP Poker — Texas Hold’em Poker


Get the Vegas experience with this official mobile poker app of the WSOP, which gives you the ability to win virtual WSOP bracelets and rings. Aside from an easy user interface and cool graphics, the game gives you free chips every four hours so you’ll be able to play on a continuous basis. There are many other ways to get free chips: finishing daily missions, playing the mini slot game, connecting the app to your Facebook account, and inviting friends to play at the same table as you. The app also has a stats tracking feature that can help you better your gameplay.

Zynga Poker


One of the best parts of playing poker online is the social aspect, as it makes up for the lack of in-person contact, and Zynga Poker is one of the best apps for this. The app allows players to sign up to three types of accounts: Facebook, Zynga, and guest. A Facebook and Zynga account are permanent accounts that allow you to play in the numerous leagues, tournaments and cash games. The guest account is more limited and is ideal for playing practice games. This makes Zynga Poker ideal for novices and veterans alike. With a large social media community, the app is considered one of the top platforms for playing online poker with friends. You can create games and share tips within the community. The app is free to download and is available for both iOS and Android.

Jackpot Poker (previously PokerStars Play)


Jackpot Poker has a fun format for those who want some more action when they’re playing on a poker app. Action-packed games give you opportunities to learn poker strategy and develop reads on your opponent. The app gives the game a new speed with its three-player games. Other features include simple table emotes and strategy lessons. You get chip bonuses daily and every four hours. There are even free coin giveaways and mini games like spinning the bonus wheel for more prizes.

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