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Thinkware U1000 dashcam review

Dashcam is one of the most talked about this year


The U1000 is Thinkware’s latest star dash cam. Thinkware are one of the leading, and most trusted, dash cam manufacturers from South Korea. It offers a significant update on previous models by introducing full 4K ultra HD video recording. For improved image resolution in your footage, ensuring even the smallest detail is not missed.

It has a black-and-silver casing that almost resembles a wedge shape and is very low profile and hides almost totally behind the rearview mirror. The camera sticks to the windshield with a black adhesive, making it look just like a part of the car. It comes with a UV lens for clearer footage in the sunlight.

It has an eye-popping 4K Ultra HD at 30FPS with the choice of 2K QHD at 60FPS from the front-facing camera. This is twice the detail of 1080P Full HD resolution enables the dash Cams to capture more detailed dash cam footage in all road conditions including number plate detail capture.

It boasts a Super Night Vision 2.0 upgrade which uses Image Signal Processing technology to capture clear detail even in low light.

As the U1000 is Cloud-activated, you can stay connected at all times and everywhere with this camera, but this need an app on your device and an active internet hotspot inside your vehicle.

There are many options for the recording function, such as overwrite oldest footage when card is full, overwrite incident when in continuous record mode, overwrite manual incident record etc.

It has a UK speed camera (Cyclops) database with free updates, forward Collision warning System, vehicle Departure Warning, lane Departure Warning, emergency record button with built-in GPS and G-sensor incident detection.

There is also a Live view, Geo-Fencing, locate vehicle, driving and parking impact notification.

As one of the more expensive dash cam options on the market, this dashcam is intended more for professional drivers and businesses that need an installed unit. That said, it offers outstanding image quality and a cornucopia of features to deliver protection on the move and when the car is parked.

If you are worried about dashcam quality This is the best dash cam quality-wise.