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Amazon Echo Auto review

Put Alexa in your tank (or SUV)

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71RPluUP9L. AC SL1500

Alexa is pretty much overtaken our homes in a quest to make the smarter but until now, the car has been slightly out of reach.

Enter the Echo Auto; this device brings Alexa functionality into the car. This device has finally been launched in the UK, following its debut in the US in September 2018.

The device itself is very small and can be easily accommodated in the car.  It is smaller than a standard credit card holder. It is very well built and feels solid.

The attached bracket for the ventilation grille is very stable and can be easily attached. The hardware provided to mount the device to a vent is very good indeed – no worries about it coming loose when you rattle over a pothole – and the magnetic attachment system makes it quick and easy to remove the Echo device and take it with you or put it out of sight.

It is designed to be used when driving, eight microphones and far-field technology enabling the user to talk to Alexa over music, aircon and road noise. It is able to pick up your commands on top of playing music or when you have your windows down.

To set up, simply plug the USB cable in to the supplied dual 12v cigarette power adapter, and the other into the Echo Auto.  One heads up – make sure it is connected to your phone using Bluetooth – the Alexa App doesn’t seem to do this automatically.

For the best experience, you’re really going to need to have a plan for your mobile that has a large data allowance.

The Echo Auto comes with a decent vent mount, although it’s not universally accepting of all vent types.

The best things about this device is having your home and car connected to the same services and helpful Alexa skills.