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Nextbase 222 dash camera review

This more affordable dashcam will suit all pockets

u 10191593
u 10191593

The 222 is one of the more inexpensive models in the new generation of Nextbase dash cams.

It has an enhanced 6G lens and 140 degree viewing angle to capture the road ahead in greater detail. The 222 uses a brand-new compact design, with a clear 2.5-inch HD IPS panel for a user-friendly experience.

It features an improved chipset to offer full 1080p HD recording at 30 frames per second.

The Nextbase Click&Go Pro mount has integrated high strength neodymium magnets for easy installation with just one hand. The power cable installs directly into the mount, allowing the Dash Cam to be free from wires.

Any bumps to your car or emergency breaks will be automatically recorded and saved thanks to the highly accurate G sensor. By detecting changes in acceleration, it activates the camera to capture 10 seconds before the event and 20 seconds after.

When your car is left unattended, intelligent parking mode records any physical movement around your vehicle. So not to worry if anyone backs into your parked car while you’re shopping – you’ll have it on camera.

The Nextbase 222 is a well-priced and nattily designed dash cam which gets the basics correct. For anyone wanting to get a dashcam and unsure which one, you should go for this. It does exactly what it says on the box and is perfect for peace of mind when driving around.