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Meem cable and Meem Network review

Can a cable keep your phone data secure?


You never know when you might lose your phone or if it breaks down, locking up your important memories.

The Meem cable is a backup device that charges and automatically stores user’s personal data and memories on the cable.

The cable is made for iPhone, iPad and Android in different storage options (32GB, 64GB and 128GB) and automatically backs up your smartphone or tablet onto the cable every time you charge.

It also comes with automatic protection from loss or theft. No cloud. No fees and is preventative from hacking. It allows you to back up any smartphone or tablet on to your Meem cable, for up to 3 devices

You can use Meem to restore your devices the same as your last back up, or transfer data to a new device and between different devices. Users have full visibility of all the saved data via the Meem Network app.

The Meem Network is a recent addition to the cable. This network gives users total platform independence allowing them to back up different devices and formats onto the same cable with 100 percent visibility.
Users can also back up all their data via WiFi to a computer or laptop for extra security with the MEEM desktop app.

The cable is simple to use – just plug it in and the cable downloads an app to your phone. This is easy to configure and we were up and running in minutes. So, if you lose your phone or want to upgrade a new one, theory is, everything important to you like contacts, messages and photos are safely stored on your Meem cable.

Overall, we were very impressed with the cable. The Meem cable is available from Amazon from £17.99.