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Best home security cameras to buy in 2017

We look at the surveillance cameras to keep you safe and secure in your home with this buyer’s guide

product canary flex 1
product canary flex 1

In today’s smart home, it is good to know what is going on in your home when you are out or want to check up on the family. Security cameras enable homeowners to be rest assured that their loved ones are safe.

The following security cameras offer a number of features, such as activity detection, two-way audio, video recording, and so on.

Most cameras allow users to check video feeds from a web browser or app. In this buyer’s guide, here are the best home security cameras you can buy in 2017.

Canary Flex
Website: https://canary.is/flex/
Price: £169 (Amazon)

Canary Flex is the only weatherproof, HD security camera designed for infinite versatility. Use inside or out. Rain or shine. Day or night. Wire-free or plugged in. Upright or mounted on a wall. Watch live or recorded video from anywhere.

Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera
Website: www.nest.com
Price: £292.50 (Amazon)

Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera, offers best-in-class imaging and intelligent features to serve up the most important, actionable information – like knowing your child arrived home safely, or that there’s a stranger in your home – so you can spend more time living your life, and less time managing your security.

Instead of just showing you what’s happening, Nest Cam IQ is smart enough to differentiate between a person and your cat and can alert you accordingly – with no subscription required. When it detects a person, it can send a person alert to your phone and will automatically zoom in on and track the person in the frame so you can get better information about who they are and what they’re doing. And with a Nest Aware subscription, you can even get personalized alerts based on who is in the house (e.g. the name of a family member, the dog sitter or a stranger).

Honeywell Lyric C1 Wi-Fi Camera 
Website: www.honeywell.com
Price £99.99 (Amazon)


The Lyric C1 Wi-Fi Security Camera means you never need to worry about missing an event when you’re not at home. Easy to use and install anywhere indoors, it works around the clock to capture every moment in crystal-clear HD, so you can always see what’s happening – wherever you are.

The C1 is always on when you’re away, recording events as they happen and notifying you if it detects any unusual movements or sounds. So you can enjoy unrivalled peace of mind, knowing that if there is a problem, it will help you see it, and stop it. Note: requires 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

Y-cam Evo
Website: www.y-cam.com
Price: £129.99 (Amazon)

A quick and easy to setup HD security camera, Y-cam Evo lets you see and hear what is happening at your home or business from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. It is ideal for watching entrances, pets and minding your loved ones any time of the day or night. Y-cam Evo instantly alerts you when motion is detected. Watch live or review your last seven days of recordings which are securely stored in your cloud account, safe from theft. Unlike other cloud cameras, storage is free for 3 years. Add as many indoor and outdoor cameras as you like and manage them from one account. Free 7 Days Rolling Cloud Storage for 3 years Save the clips that matter. Every movement detected during the last 7 days is recorded and stored in your secure online account, ready to view free of charge, no monthly fees.