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Y-Cam Evo review

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A quick and easy to setup HD security camera, Y-cam Evo lets you see and hear what is happen-ing at your home or business from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. It is ideal for watching entrances, pets and minding your loved ones anytime of the day or night. Y-cam Evo instantly alerts you when motion is detected. Watch live or review your last seven days of recordings which are securely stored in your cloud account, safe from theft.

The Evo means to change that with a camera that is fundamentally smaller than the HomeMonitorHDS (1/4 of the size actually) albeit still in white, however offers the same 720P HD recording, free 7 day cloud storage, night vision, 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi and the magnificent Y-Cam sells for £129.99.

This new Y-Cam Evo camera is small in contrast with the old HomeMonitorHDS camera. It’s as yet white to the front and back, yet this time it has a silver metallic impact to the edge and the stand, which supportively is attractive and enables it to be mounted rapidly and effortlessly. Measuring only 52 x 52 x 28mm and weighing just 96g it can truly be concealed great (if that is your point) or on the off chance that you aren’t worried about that it just won’t be as prominent. Because of the little size it doesn’t have a similar range of 30 infrared LEDs, this time we get only the one powerful infrared LED regardless it has that boisterous snap when the night vision is actuated.

At the back, we have is the power connection, no Ethernet port on the Evo as it is setup absolutely by means of a remote connection. The Evo sports a 1280 x 720 HD camera with a 100° field of view and night vision up to 8 meters. The Wi-Fi is 802.11 b/g/n and it features Bluetooth 4.1. The camera feels somewhat warm to the touch after it has been on a while, however not to any level that ought to be an issue.

The setup is snappy and simple and is done totally remotely this time, dissimilar to the HomeMonitorHDS which you needed to connect with your switch by means of Ethernet initially. Here you simply position the camera in a Wi-Fi network, download the Y-Cam application (Android or iOS), stack it up, make a record on the off chance that you don’t as of now have one, take after the exceptionally straightforward guidelines and inside two or three minutes the camera is live and prepared to utilize.

The online homemonitor.me can’t be utilised when at first setting up the camera, you need to utilise the Y-Cam application for this, yet once it is running you would then be able to sign into the electronic framework and roll out any improvements. It is a great deal less demanding to change the movement control zone and setup a movement recording plan which the application alone won’t enable you to do. In addition, you can without much of a stretch download any recordings to your PC or Mac before they achieve 7 days old and vanish.

The movement control framework is one region that truly awes us. A solitary movement control zone can be setup by dragging over the screen so you can forget high activity regions in the event that you are simply keeping an eye on pets for instance. The affectability of the zone can likewise be changed. A calendar would then be able to be setup on an every day and hourly premise. On the off chance that you are excessively languid, making it impossible to set up the movement identification, at that point Y-Cam have thought of an answer for that as well. By means of the area recording alternative in conjunction with your cell phone, this will naturally incapacitate the camera when you arrive home and empower it when you clear out.

A standout amongst the most vital elements while considering a Wi-Fi based surveillance camera ought to be the notice framework. It’s horrible having the best quality camera on the planet in the event that it just stays there and does nothing when movement identification has been activated. Gratefully the Evo notice framework is up to the errand, giving that the camera is in a region with great Wi-Fi scope. You can have the movement control warnings sent as a caution to your shrewd gadget and an email to up to three email address and once the identification has been activated inside a couple of moments you ought to get both a notice and an email. The email will likewise incorporate a picture connection to help in distinguishing whether this is a false caution or not.

With the HomeMonitorHDS camera, the free 7 day stockpiling could be reached out to 30 days for just £30 every year. There now has all the earmarks of being no specify of this on Y-Cam’s site so we expect it has been ceased. With the new Y-Cam application not at all like the more seasoned HomeMonitor application, recordings would now be able to be downloaded to your cell phone or tablet and this incorporates both Android and iOS gadgets. So the requirement for longer than 7 day stockpiling on the off chance that you would have been away for longer than 7 days with no entrance to a PC has now been made repetitive. The downloaded recordings are in MP4 organise with a 41-second clasp coming in at a little more than 2.8MB. The Evo can just utilise Y-Cam’s distributed storage, you can’t arrange it to send recordings to an outsider.

General we observed the Y-Cam Evo to be a magnificent Wi-Fi Cloud Security Camera. For £130 you get 720P HD recording, 7 day free Cloud stockpiling of recordings, night vision and a phenomenal movement recognition and notice framework. It is easy to setup and, by means of the Y-Cam application, recordings would now be able to be spared to cell phones.

The night vision is superb and sunlight recording is of a good level as well, yet with some pixelation discernible. Our lone problem is with the 720P HD recording, as 1080P is truly the base nowadays at a camera of this cost point, in addition to the association speed of the camera is slower than we might want with short recordings taking 3 minutes before they were accessible to see.