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Mio MiVue 568 Touch dash cam review

Mivue568 2views
Mivue568 2views

Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular as a way for drivers to record their journeys in case the worse happens and they are involved in an accident.

The new MiVue 568 Touch dash cam is such a device, and sports a 2.5 inch touch screen and comes with an integrated GPS receiver that enables tracking of the routes covered. The device capture the image, direction, speed and geographical coordinates and then synchronises them with Google Maps.

The model comes with safety camera alerts, with the free unlimited updates for life. The MiVue 568 Touch comes with a revolving mounting cradle that allows you to position the video camera in any direction.

The box contains the MiVue 568 Touch car dashboard camera, suction mount, cigar power adapter, warranty information paper and a quickstart guide. Setting up was easy as the small form factor allows placement pretty much anywhere on the dash. The device is quite small and measures 62mm in height, 63mm in width and 32mm in depth and weighs just 93g. The car suction mount the dash cam comes with is not the easiest to use but it’s very sturdy.

The device has a F1.8 lens, so it let’s more light in. This results in brighter and clearer videos, even in low light conditions. It  can record FullHD 1080p video at a horizontal angle of 130 degrees.

The miniUSB charging/PC access port and the HDMI output are on the right side of the device while on the left there is the microSD slot and the on/off power button.

The screen is excellent in operation. The 2.5″ touch screen which is quite easier to use compared to other similar solutions that have buttons.

The menu offers a wide range of settings you can adjust so from here you can playback recorded video, mute/enable audio recording, adjust the safety cam and parking mode settings, choose the preferred video recording duration.

We carried out a software/firmware upgrade prior to mounting the device.

In testing the device in night and day conditions, we found the image quality good but seemed better at night than during the day. Hopefully, a software fix can adjust these settings.

Overall, a reasonable purchase that will satisfy those drivers looking to record their journeys for safety purposes.

The device can be purchase from Amazon for around £146.95.