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Mio Moov M613 LM sat nav review


Sat Navs have boomed then waned in popularity as smartphones such as the iPhone or Android devices have sported sat nav functionality. But there is still a place for standalone sat nav and Mio hopes with its Moov M613 LM will be the perfect gift to for those on the move.

The standout feature of this device is the five-inch extra large widescreen display shows 32 per cent more viewing area than a 4.3-inch display. This claims the manufacturer gives the driver the comfort of larger maps for clearer directions and larger buttons for easier controls.

The device also comes with Lifetime Map Updates, so you never have to worry about new maps or road changes anymore. Simply connect the Moov M613 LM to your PC and install the MioMore desktop software to check when updates are available. You will receive new maps for the lifetime of your device, up to four times a year. This is certainly better than other manufacturers that charge for updates, rendering a lot of sat navs dangerously out of date.

The Mio Moov M613 also sports IQ Routes that uses real-life, historic information, collected from millions of drivers to optimise the calculated route, giving you the optimal journey, at any time of the day. It also features LearnMe, which monitors and learns driving styles providing the driver with personalised routes that suit their preferences. Mio said that drivers would see improvement in routes taken and estimated time of arrival on the screen.

When driving it’s important to make sure you’re in the correct lane to ensure you make the right turn at the right time. Lane Guidance prepares you for your journey ahead by telling you which lane you need to be in, and Junction View provides realistic 3D views to ensure that you know where your highway exit is. The device also warns you of safety camera locations, gives instructions for the correct lane required on motorways, and tells you the street name for your turn via Text-to-Speech.

Everything is focused on the functionality of the device: to show the way and it does that very well. The screen is readable and the quality of the synthesised voice is high.

Just one problem ist the boot time; it is a bit long. There is ignition time, time for loading cards, then the display followed by satellite acquisition time (depending on location).

But then everything goes well with a high-speed re-calculation if you have to detour. The continuity of guidance in tunnels (by interpolation), the effectiveness of display panels entry and exit of motorways are good.

The device marks a great improvement compared to similar devices made by the company three years ago at the same price. And the lifetime updates should ensure that the device continues to be useful for many years to come.

Price: £99.99