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Google coming with added fiber


Search giant Google has launched its new fiber-based internet service in Kansas, promising it to be the fastest on the planet.

The roll-out will start in Kansas City (on both sides of the state line between Kansas and Missouri). It promises 1Gbps internet speeds and TV.

“Google Fiber is 100 times faster than today’s average broadband. No more buffering. No more loading. No more waiting. Gigabit speed will get rid of these pesky, archaic problems and open up new opportunities for the web,” Google said in a blog post.

Google Fiber’s ultra high-speed connections and television service is aimed at exceeding those of existing providers, letting users search for live channels, Netflix, YouTube, recorded shows and thousands of hours of on-demand programming.

Google Fiber comprises of more than 100 networks and costs $120 a month for a bundle of TV, 1 Gbps internet speeds and 1 TB of cloud storage.

The firm is also offering an internet-only package priced at $70 a month. There is also an installation fee of $300.

Downloading a high definition movie, game, or a hundred songs will all take around three seconds each over Fiber, compared to around a minute on a 50Mbps connection.

“Today the Internet is not as fast as it should be,” Medin said in a blog post.

“While high speed technology exists, the average Internet speed in the US is still only 5.8Mbps—slightly faster than the maximum speed available 16 years ago when residential broadband was first introduced.”

He said that access speeds have simply not kept pace with the phenomenal increases in computing power and storage capacity that’s spurred innovation over the last decade. “And that’s a challenge we’re excited to work on,” he added.

In a statement, FCC chairman Julius Genachowski backed Google Fiber.

“Abundance in broadband speeds and capacity – moving from megabits to gigabits – will unleash breakthrough innovations in health care, education, business services, and more,” he said.

The company also has implemented a ‘Fiber Space’ in Kansas City, Missouri, where customers can speak to a Google Fiber team member.