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Samsung plans to launch Windows RT tablet

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Samsung, when not engaged in court battles with Apple over whether or not its phones and tablets look like each other, is busily prepping the way to launch a Windows RT tablet.

According to reports in Bloomberg, the Korean consumer electronics giant will make the ARM chip-based tablet sporting Microsoft’s latest mobile OS and launch it in October.

The decision will come as a relief for Redmond as Microsoft tries to get manufacturers to get on board despite revealing its own Windows RT tablet, the Surface.

Another manufacturer and major ally, Hewlett-Packard, will not be making a Windows RT-based tablet but rather will release a Windows 8 tablet sporting either an Intel or AMD x86 chip. Dell won’t be launching a Windows RT tablet until net year. One time ally HTC will be locked out of the initial launch of Windows RT tablets.

According to sources, the Samsung tablet will boast a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor rather than chips from Texas Instruments of Nvidia.

According to figures from research outfit ISuppli Apple leads the tablet market in the first quarter of the year with 11.8 million units shipped or a 58 per cent share. Samsung was second, with 11 per cent, followed by Amazon, which had 5.8 per cent.

Meanwhile, Microsoft announced that Windows 8, the next major upgrade of its flagship operating system will be released to manufacturers in August and will ship commercially in October. Microsoft will also activate the Windows Store and start charging for applications, which during the test period have been free.

Windows 8 will also be available for upgrades for people with PCs running Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. The Redmond giant also announced pricing details for the new OS.

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