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Review: breffo Spiderpodium

spiderpodium white 450
spiderpodium white 450

breffo describes it as a docking station for smartphones, cameras, MP3 players, portable gaming systems, sat-nav units and virtually all other handheld kit. Can this one-size-fits-all multipurpose octopod really handle any device?

The biggest disappointment when you’re testing products is that the marketing hype so rarely matches up to the reality. For once, that’s not the case.

The breffo Spiderpodium is just so incredibly useful. For example, we used to carry a tiny tripod in our bag in case we had to record interviews using a regular digital camera. Now we always have the spiderpodium with us to fill that role if we need it.

spiderpodium white 450

As for our smartphone, it makes positioning it a doddle whether you’re standing it facing you on a desk, hanging it off the back of a seat or draping it over your TV so you can Skype chat with the folks back in the UK while you keep one eye on the Stoke City highlights. It even docks and grips with no need to remove phone cases to charge.

The Spiderpodium also packs flat so if you’re carrying a netbook around (as we generally are) then it can lie on top of that for easy travelling. Although, given that it can bend and twist to so many shapes, its portability isn’t really in question.

One added bonus: fans of the Alien series of films can scare themselves silly by forgetting they left the white version hanging on their wall and turning on the light to find what looks like a facehugger. We know we did.

spiderpodium black 450