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Break Guinness World Records with an app!

Guinness World Records ipad app hand
Guinness World Records ipad app hand

Guinness_World_Records_ipad_app_handGuinness World Records has launched a new iPad App on the iTunes Store. “This is our first paid-for app and most exciting (we think!) is that this is the first time that people can attempt and break real Guinness World Records direct from an app,” a spokesman told Absolute Gadget. 

There are three new challenges on the Guinness World Records: At Your Fingertips app, which are only accessible and breakable via the iPad app. In each case someone will be named the world record holder in each challenge and have their name included in the new world records book.

The three record challenges are:
* Fastest 100m on an iPad – take on the world’s fastest man as your fingers go tip-to-toe with Usain ‘Lighting’ Bolt and attempt to break his 9.58-second record   
* Fastest alphabet backwards – speed typing the alphabet forwards is one thing, but typing backwards will need a quick mind and even quicker fingers!
* Longest sequence memorised – a memory endurance test where the noises are inspired by real human sounds.

Leader boards will be hosted on the Guinness World Records website and the company will announce the world’s best score for each challenge on 1 May 2011.

Guinness World Records has also raided its record-breaking database, picture archive and TV vault to build “a multi-layered app bursting with record content, full screen video and brilliant colour photography”.
Guinness World Records: At Your Fingertips is available from Thursday 16th December for £2.99 at the iTunes Store.


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