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Apple iPad 2 rumours: rear facing camera, SD card slot

mactopcase lg
mactopcase lg

If the pictures are to be believed then the sequel to Apple’s runaway success in the iPad should sport a rear facing camera and an SD card slot.

A Chinese company, Shenzhen MacTop Electronics, is claiming to have what could be the first second-generation iPad case for sale.

Called the Crystal Case for iPad 2nd Generation, the case is only available for bulk purchases of 1,000 units or over (beyond even the most diehard Apple fanboi). Also, the company claims that the case is “precision molded” to “perfectly fit your iPad,” even though Apple hasn’t said anything about the device yet.

The case has a rear hole, which is believe to be for a rear-facing camera. The new tablet is widely believed to have a front facing camera which could be used for Facetime conversations with other iPhone, iPod Touch or even iPad users.

There is speculation that the large space where the speaker sits could also house an SD card slot.



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