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Fast wireless broadband goes on trial in rural Wales

arqiva satellite van
arqiva satellite van

arqiva_satellite_vanIf you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere, broadband tends to be non-existant. however a new trial of wireless broadband could give hope to those out in the sticks.

A new type of wireless internet called Long Term Evolution (LTE) is currently being tested by Arqiva and Alcatel Lucent. The mobile data technology could allow people in the countryside to get broadband of up to 50Mbps.

The masts for the trial have been erected in the Preseli Mountains in Wales to see if such a service is economically viable. The technology uses the 800MHz spectrum left unused by the digital switchover that recently took place in Wales.

An LTE mast is capable of supporting speeds of up to 50Mbps, however in reality the speed would be much lower but still significantly higher than current speeds available to rural broadband users.

The 800MHz signal can travel further distances so cover a greater area. It can also penetrate walls as well. Both make the technology more useful to people in the countryside.

Steve Holebrook, MD of Arqiva’s Government, Mobile & Enterprise business said: “Arqiva’s heritage in rolling-out projects of critical national infrastructure is matched by our long-standing commitment to providing solutions that are universal in their delivery.

“We firmly believe that the combination of LTE technology, the 800MHz spectrum and a neutral-host commercial model is the best way of providing rural communities with broadband quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.”