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UK to get free wireless access for a week

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skype_logoSkype is offering free wireless access next week to Wi-Fi hotspots up and down the UK to mark the inaugural Internet Week Europe.

Internet Week Europe, running from 8 November to 12 November, will celebrate all things internet and European and will include over 80 events held in and around London. The BBC, Google, Yahoo, Lonely Planet and Channel 4 will also be involved.

Users can access the internet from public Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK by downloading and app called Skype Access, which allows users to access other providers’ Wi-Fi and pay for it using Skype credits, but during the festival access will be completely free.

David-Michel Davies, co-chairman, Internet Week Europe, told The Guardian: “Internet Week Europe is all about the impact that the web has on our daily lives, from business to entertainment. What better way to celebrate that impact than partnering with Skype to make the Internet more accessible than ever?”