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Maestia MMO fantasies come true

Maestia fantasy MMO gm
Maestia fantasy MMO gm

Maestia_fantasy_MMO_gmBigpoint has launched its latest MMO, Maestia, following a successful open beta testing program. The fantasy MMO game features four character classes – Warriors, Rangers, Clerics and Mages – as players take on one of the game’s two warring factions: the Superion Guardians or the Temple Knights.

Features available in the early beta period will now be increased thanks to additional content and further optimisation options.

From today players can attain Level 80 – the game’s highest achievement – and explore two new regions, Palus and Tenebra.

“Higher-level players can complete countless quests, win special items, and earn amazing rewards in these new territories,” a Bigpoint spokesman said.

“The boldest players can test their mettle against Maestia’s most feared and dangerous villains in their new dungeons.”

Both regions have a night mode where players can fight each other in player versus player (PvP) battles, either alone or in a group.

Other new features include a map where players can fight epic realm versus realm (RvR) battles and extra items in the Premium Shop.