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Battlestar Galactica Online in beta

battlestar galactica online vipers
battlestar galactica online vipers

battlestar_galactica_online_vipersBattlestar Galactica Online has moved a step closer to launch with news that developer Bigpoint has opened the game up for closed beta testing. Those who registered an interest in the game have been emailed an invitation to the closed beta and a spokeswoman also told Absolute Gadget that an open beta is likely in 2010.

“We are on a very good way with the game and I am pretty sure that we are going into open beta this year,” she said.

When it’s launched, the game will play within a regular web browser as with most of Bigpoint’s other games.

Today’s email asked interested parties to register for beta, with those lucky enough to be selected getting to play the game early.

“Thank you for registering your interest in Battlestar Galactica Online. We will keep you fully ‘spun-up’ with all the latest developments and news regarding what will be the best frakking MMO experience this side of Kobol,” the email said.

WWe are now preparing for the closed beta testing phase of Battlestar Galactica Online. You have been chosen to apply for Basic Flight training. Jump to the following location and should your application for flight status be accepted, you’ll be among the first pilots to join the battle. So say we all! Galactica Actual out.”