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Review: Oregon Scientific i.Comfort Massager cushion

i comfort massage Cushion
i comfort massage Cushion

i_comfort_massage_CushionThe Oregon Scientific i.Comfort Massager cushion is a decent-sized item. But Plonk it on your sofa and it can be manoeuvred into a comfortable position. Where this particular extravagance fits extremely well though is on your chair at work…

The solid metal clip on the back works with the adjustable strap (a bit like an aeroplane seat belt) to easily attach it to a standard office chair and fix it in place.

Getting it to work won’t be a problem, either. The cushion comes with a grey carry bag that’s at least practical if not stylish. The cushion itself even has a carrying strap on top if you want to move it a short distance – don’t worry, the attached remote control slots in a pocket in the side so it won’t end up trailing its lead on the floor.

In order to help relieve aches and tired muscles the device uses a finger-press massager that works like someone is pushing their fingers into your back. There are three separate intensity settings that appear to translate into speed, giving you a harder massage on a higher setting as the deeper shoves come along more often. And swapping the rotation from clockwise to anti-clockwise does make a difference, reversing the way the internal parts massage your back.

As well as your back, the cushion can be used to massage thighs and feet. In our test we stuck to that back massage and found it very effective, with a genuine feeling that someone was working you over with their fingers. In fact it was always a disappointment when the auto-timer switched it off after another run through.