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BT launches fibre-optic survey

bt logo static
bt logo static

bt_logo_staticBT has kicked off a nationwide survey asking communities if they want fibre-optic broadband, promising to provide high-speed internet goodness to the five top-scoring areas by 2012.

The Race to Infinity survey runs until the end of the year and is designed to help BT find hotspots of demand, therefore helping the company in its aim to get fibre-optic broadband to two thirds of Britain by 2015. BT claims that the survey could result in the most commercially viable areas being at the head of the line, but there is potential for non-viable areas to be added if demand is sufficient.

However, exchanges (local phone networks) need at least 1,000 votes to enter the race, so some of the smallest exchanges, in the words of a BT spokesman, “don’t stand any chance of winning.”

Additionally, the survey appears to be completely online, meaning that anyone who is interested but doesn’t already have some sort of ‘net connection is going to be left high and dry.

At any rate, if you’re interested, head on over to the survey’s page and enter your postcode. You never know, in two years you could be getting all your pornography at speeds you previously never dreamed of.

…What? No, we didn’t say “pornography”. You’re imagining it. We said “useful data and information that could enrich your life. And pictures of puppies.” Yes.