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Animal cases unleashed

animal josie floral iPhone 4 hard shell
animal josie floral iPhone 4 hard shell

animal_josie_floral_iPhone_4_hard_shellContour Design has partnered with Animal to develop new accessories for Apple and Blackberry devices. Right now that translates into a whole range of iPhone cases due on 15 October 2010…

“Contour’s commitment to excellence coupled with Animal’s reputation for delivering truly design led products creates a very exciting commercial opportunity and also helps position the Animal brand with the iconic symbol for today’s digital generation,” a Contour Design suit told AG.

The new cases are inspired by designs featured on Animal’s seasonal clothing and accessory ranges, and also distinctive prints the company has been synonymous with Animal over the years.

Zebra iPhone 4 Silicone (iPhone 4) £21.95
Black Zebra Hard Shell (iPhone 4) £24.95


Animal Owl case (iPhone 4) £21.95

Red Lighting Hard Shell (iPhone 3GS & 4) £24.95


Strong Blue Multi Word Hard Shell (iPhone 3Gs) £24.95



Black Silicone Moulded Claw (iPhone 4) £24.95


Horizon Blue Josie Floral Hard Shell (iPhone 3GS & 4) £24.95


Phantom Josie Floral Hardskin (iPhone 4) £24.95


Fluro Pink Tech Check Hard Shell (iPhone 3GS & 4) £24.95 
Black & Pink Silicone Corp Logo (iPhone 4) £21.95
Black & Purple Silicone Corp Logo (iPhone 4) £21.95