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Cost of tablets keep dropping

morgan computers cheap android tablet 0
morgan computers cheap android tablet 0

We’re very sure that we will open our cornflakes packet one day and find an Android tablet fall out. In the meantime, Morgan Computers has brought out its Google-powered tablet computer for an extermely reasonably £85.

So you could have gone and bought an Android table from Disgo or Next for £180, but for nearly £100 cheaper, Morgan Computers has launched a 7-inch device.

It runs Android 1.7.4 and it only stuffs in 128MB of memory and an ARM9 VIA8505+  400MHz chip. Storage-wise it has 2GB on-board but that’s expandable via USB or SD card.

It boasts a 800 x 480, QVGA screen. And connectivity-wise it features 802.11 b/g/n. Multimedia functions include a 0.3-megapixel webcam and H.263 AVI support files.

Its battery life is only three hours but that’s more than enough to get bored with the novelty of having such a cheap piece of kit.

You can pre-order it now by following this link.