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Further adventures for Doctor Who

Doctor who the adventure games logo
Doctor who the adventure games logo

Doctor_who_the_adventure_games_logoFollowing what it punningly describes as “out-of-this world” success, the BBC has recommissioned Doctor Who: The Adventure Games. The UK broadcaster confirmed today that the downloadable videogames will return in 2011, “bigger and better than ever”.

“With over 1.6 million download requests across the first three episodes, Doctor Who: The Adventure Games have captivated families up and down the country,” an official Beeb statement said. 

The final episode in this first series of games will be released later this year and as with the previous episodes it will be free to download for UK licence fee payers.

Series two of the games will again be executive produced by the BBC Wales TV series team of Steven Moffat, Piers Wenger, Beth Willis, along with Anwen Aspden of BBC Wales Interactive.

Fans of the TV show will also be interested to hear that the games will “form an integral part of the Eleventh Doctor’s second series.” The BBC said the games will “take players to a whole new world as the Doctor and Amy face one of executive producer and show-runner Steven Moffat’s most original creations.”

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan will reprise their virtual roles and will also be joined by additional members of the Doctor Who cast.

“Given the success of the first series, we’d be daft not to recommission,” said Simon Nelson, the BBC’s head of multiplatform in vision.

“But it’s not just about the numbers; the feedback we’ve had has been overwhelmingly positive. Our audience has been introduced to a new form of drama – and, for many, these have been the first computer games they have downloaded.”