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Is another iPhone glitch landing users with huge bills?

iphone 4 thinnest smartphone
iphone 4 thinnest smartphone

iphone_4_thinnest_smartphoneUsers of iPhones have been warned that a possible glitch in the phone’s software could land them with hefty bills if using the handset abroad.

According to money saving expert Martin Lewis, consumers have been complaining about coming back from holiday only to face a huge bill on their return home. And this was after following all the necessary steps to avoid data charges on the iPhone.

In one case, one person said she had turned off data roaming during a trip to the US only to get charged almost £1,500.

Turning off data roaming means you can’t download internet data on a handset overseas using a mobile network, but you can search the web on wifi, though this shouldn’t trigger charges from your network.

MoneySavingExpert.com called on Apple and mobile operators to investigate this problem and work to prevent further charges. He said that despite numerous calls and emails to Apple it has failed to offer an explanation or a solution.

“Those who have paid when they shouldn’t have, should contact their network immediately and demand a refund,” said Lewis. “In some cases, we’re hearing the networks are paying out without too much argument, which could indicate this is a known problem. Let’s hope it does not get brushed under the carpet.”

He added that since the start of the holiday season, the level of complaint he heard via his website had “spiked”.

Lewis advised iPhone users to ensure phone software is up-to-date, data roaming is switched before leaving the UK and emails are set only to retrieve manually.